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HydraFacial & Custom ZO Facials at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Pittsburgh

Whether you see facials as an occasional luxury or an integral part of your skincare routine, the fact is that facials are an excellent way to maintain your skin’s health. We offer several options, including the revolutionary HydraFacial with customizable add-ons such as lymphatic massage and LED light therapy. Or, we can design a facial around your skin’s unique needs, incorporating proprietary medical-grade products from ZO® Skin Health.

In addition to their skin benefits, our Pittsburgh Facials provide a relaxing form of self-care. Let us design the perfect facial for you. For physician-based skin care in Pittsburgh and Wexford, PA, book your personalized facial at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Optimal Conditions Ahead

What types of Facials are available?

Did you know that facials are an excellent choice for every skin type? That’s because they are personalized to your needs. Read on to learn about our curated options, or schedule a consultation to design your own personalized facial today.

Diamond Glow Facial

Shine bright like a diamond with our DiamondGlow Facial. DiamondGlow is like a traditional facial combined with a magic wand to deeply clean and rejuvenate the skin. The DiamondGlow wand adds a safe but thorough skin resurfacing element to this facial to allow a more thorough level of restoration, while the DiamondGlow’s serums penetrate deep beneath the surface to infuse your face with the building blocks of healthy skin.

Custom ZO Facial

Your skin is unique. We offer custom facials designed for you based on careful analysis of your skin type and discussion of your goals. This personalized approach provides optimal support for every skin type, whether you deal with sensitive skin, an acne-prone complexion, dry or aging skin, or other concerns. We work with professional products from ZO Skin Health, packed with nourishing ingredients, to provide a luxurious and targeted facial experience.

Signature HydraFacial

Enjoy the HydraFacial that started it all. Your aesthetic specialist will use the innovative HydraFacial handpiece, equipped with vortex-fusion technology, to perform deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration. As the debris is loosened and lifted away and the pores are purified, your skin is simultaneously infused with nourishing serums that bathe your complexion in ultimate hydration.

Deluxe HydraFacial

This HydraFacial experience comes with personalized touches. Vortex-fusion technology is used for cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration with proprietary, medical-grade serums. This HydraFacial also includes a Booster personalized to your concerns as well as LED Light Therapy.

Platinum HydraFacial

Our most luxurious HydraFacial! The Platinum HydraFacial begins with a lymphatic massage for deep, relaxing detoxification. Then the cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration steps are performed with the assistance of HydraFacial's patented vortex-fusion applicator, which simultaneously purges the skin of impurities and nourishes it in hydrating serums. Finally, LED Light Therapy is performed, which supports collagen production to diminish signs of aging, kill acne bacteria, and soothe inflammation

HydraFacial Add-Ons

HydraFacial Lymphatic Therapy: Lymphatic facial massage detoxifies tissues for a healthy glow.

HydraFacial LED Light Therapy: Gentle red and blue light waves stimulate collagen production, soothe inflammation, and target bacteria that cause acne.

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Purify, Exfoliate, Restore.

What are the benefits of Facials?

Facials have holistic benefits for your skin, instantly improving clarity, texture, and hydration as well as offering cumulative benefits over time.

Deep Cleansing and Detoxification: Facials deeply cleanse the skin, removing stubborn impurities, dirt, and oil to prevent clogged pores, improve skin quality, and support overall skin health.

Professional Exfoliation: Precision exfoliation lifts away dead skin cells to enhance texture, improve cellular turnover, and give your skin a radiant, glowing look.

Hydration and Moisture Balance: Serum infusion and other hydrating steps bathe the skin in nourishment and maintain a healthy moisture barrier for smoother, younger-looking skin.

Self-Care and Relaxation Facials provide a relaxing way to de-stress and take care of yourself.

Targeted for Specific Skin Concerns: Our facials are customized by our medically trained aesthetic specialists, ensuring a safe and effective treatment every time you visit us.

Facials Pittsburgh
Facials Pittsburgh
Facials Pittsburgh
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Immerse Yourself in Rejuvenation

Your Facial

Get ready to immerse yourself in relaxation and self-care. Facials are performed in our serene treatment rooms while you recline comfortably. Our aesthetic specialists use gentle, expert techniques to deeply purify, exfoliate, and nourish your skin. After receiving a Facial Pittsburgh patients have stated that they love their immersive skincare experience. You will leave feeling relaxed, recharged, and confident that you are giving your skin the care it deserves.

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Keep Your Complexion Glowing Strong

Facial Results

At Aesthetics Plastics Surgery in Pittsburgh Facial treatments can provide immediate benefits as well as more gradual, holistic improvements in your skin. After your appointment, your skin will be smoother and purified of blackheads, oil, and buildup. Your complexion will also be deeply hydrated. These benefits continue to improve over time, contributing to smoother skin texture by promoting cellular turnover and collagen production. Regular facials can also be an effective way to clarify acne-prone skin and support balanced oil production. In the days and weeks after a facial, you will likely see improvements in skin’s texture and tone along with reduced pore size and a more even, radiant appearance.

An Invigorating Deep Clean

Facial Recovery and Aftercare

Immediately after a facial, your skin may be slightly red or sensitive due to the invigorating effects of the deep cleansing and exfoliation steps. You can return to regular activities right away, but it’s best to skip makeup for a day or so in order to let your skin breathe and enjoy the facial’s cleansing benefits. An SPF sunscreen will be applied after your facial to provide protection to the freshly rejuvenated skin. Your aesthetic specialist can make recommendations on maintaining your skin’s optimal hydration, clarity, and health after a facial. We invite you to schedule a facial at any time or work with your aesthetic specialist to establish a regular routine.

Facials + HydraFacialFrequently Asked Questions

Our facials provide holistic skin support customized to your needs. We will carefully assess your complexion and any concerns you may have to design your facial around the needs of aging, acne-prone, or sensitive skin. Options include designing a facial from scratch with your aesthetic specialist or having a HydraFacial tailored to your specific skin type.

Yes, facials can be customized and can be very beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin. Often, a series of facials can be helpful in reducing oil production and build-up as part of an acne skincare routine.

Regular facials can be an excellent way to keep your skin looking its best now and in the long term. For those wishing to maintain a regular routine, we can recommend a regimen based on your needs and skin type. Most people can benefit from having a facial every four to six weeks.

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