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Acne Treatment at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Pittsburgh

Acne is often associated with adolescence, but people of all ages deal with this condition. It can be painful and persistent, causing discomfort and affecting your self-image. Acne is a medical condition often caused by a complex combination of factors. If you are tired of over-the-counter treatments that don’t bring real relief, it may be time to invest in your skin’s health with professional care. Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons and medical professionals assess your skin type, symptoms, and concerns to customize a treatment plan tailored to you. Schedule your Pittsburgh Acne Treatment at our office to get professional support on your journey to clearer skin.

The Science of Beautiful Skin

What professional Acne Treatments are available?

If you’re frustrated with battling acne, we’re here to offer you comprehensive support on the front lines. Incorporating evidence-based treatments tailored to your needs, we help you understand and target the often complex sources of acne. In addition to skincare products and prescription medications, we specialize in advanced Acne Treatments in Pittsburgh that get to the root of acne breakouts, improve the skin’s texture and tone, and even diminish the appearance of acne scars.

Medical-Grade Skincare

At-home skincare is a vital part of keeping your complexion purified, exfoliated, hydrated, and acne-free. We carry products from ZO Medical, a medical-grade skincare line first developed by Dr. Zein Obagi, a world-renowned dermatologist. Proprietary, high-quality formulations specifically designed for acne-prone skin clear the way for your healthiest skin every day. We can recommend products that will optimize your skin type and help you love your complexion again.


BroadBand Light is a type of intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy perhaps best known for its anti-aging benefits. BBL Laser also targets several components of acne formation, including inflammation and bacteria. The broadband light wavelengths may also regulate oil glands to reduce congestion in the pores. As an added benefit, BBL diminishes the appearance of existing acne scars and improves skin texture.


Incorporating prescription-strength medication into your acne treatment can be an important step in targeting the sources of acne. For example, prescription antibiotics reduce certain types of bacteria that exacerbate acne, getting to the root of the frustrating breakout cycle. Patients may also benefit from prescription-strength topicals such as retinoids. We focus on carefully assessing your skin and creating a comprehensive medical treatment plan.

Genius Microneedling

Even after you achieve clearer skin, acne breakouts can leave visible scars behind. Depressed acne scars and areas of hyperpigmentation can take away from your healthy glow or make you feel the need to cover up with makeup. Genius RF Microneedling combines collagen induction therapy with radiofrequency skin remodeling to promote cellular turnover, fade dark spots, and smooth out the skin’s texture.


HydraFacial is a unique facial that incorporates a patented vortex-fusion handpiece to gently but deeply purge the pores, loosen and sweep away debris and dead skin cells, and infuse high-quality serums to promote a healthy moisture barrier. HydraFacial is an excellent facial for acne-prone skin due to its combination of deep cleansing and hydration. Scheduling a series of HydraFacials can help to clarify your pores and reset your skin’s balance, stopping the formation of acne.

Laser Treatments

We work with a variety of light and laser platforms, including BBL and Halo. Halo Laser is particularly effective for treating existing acne scars, with customizable settings that help the laser penetrate to precise depths in the skin. BBL can help reduce several sources of acne like bacteria, inflammation, and oil production as well as reducing existing acne scars.

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Invest in Your Skin’s Health

What are the benefits of medical Acne Treatments?

When it comes to successfully managing acne, understanding your skin’s individual characteristics is key. We assess your type of acne, skin type, and skin quality to determine the most effective treatment options. Blending medication support, at-home skincare, and advanced procedures like BBL can address several dimensions of acne to improve your skin holistically. Medical treatment also has the advantage of ongoing monitoring and support. We care about helping you achieve real and lasting improvements in your skin’s health, eliminate the painful symptoms of acne, and renew your confidence in your complexion.

Acne Treatments Pittsburgh
Acne Treatments Pittsburgh
Acne Treatments Pittsburgh
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Multiple Approaches. One Beautiful Result.

Your Acne Treatment Consultation

With a professional acne treatment Pittsburgh patients can benefit from our tailored options. We will carefully assess your skin and the sources of your acne in order to design a treatment that fits your needs. Often, combination therapies provide the best outcome. For example, medications, at-home skincare, and minimally invasive in-office treatments can be coordinated to address multiple dimensions of acne. We also understand the lasting impact that acne can have on your skin in the form of dark spots or atrophic scars and offer treatments to help you achieve your smoothest, most radiant skin texture.

Acne TreatmentFrequently Asked Questions

This can depend on the type of treatment and your individual skin type and acne symptoms. Patience is important. It takes time for your skin to respond to medication and other treatments; it may take from a few weeks to several months to experience optimal improvements. The goal of Acne Treatment is to establish and maintain lasting skin clarity and health.

By working with a medical professional to treat acne, you benefit from personalized treatment plans and ongoing supervision and support. We will only match you with care that is appropriate to your skin type and acne symptoms, adjust your treatment regimen as needed, and help you understand any temporary side effects you might experience during treatment.

At Aesthetics Plastic Surgery in Pittsburgh Acne Treatment durations vary for each individual, influenced by factors such as the severity of the acne and the selected treatment type. Once active acne is under control, following an effective skincare routine and following up with us periodically is enough to help many patients maintain clear skin.

Yes, prescription acne medications can come with side effects specific to the type of medication. Common side effects of topical medications include dryness, redness, peeling, and increased sensitivity, but these tend to improve with ongoing use. Oral medications such as antibiotics can come with more systemic side effects. We will evaluate the safety of any medication for your individual needs and medical history and make sure you understand all potential side effects.

RF Microneedling, BBL, and Halo laser are all effective treatments for reducing dark spots and smoothing out depressed scars left by acne lesions.

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