Scar Therapy

Surgical scars and acne scars are cosmetic concerns for many patients. At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Pittsburgh, we offer several treatment therapies that can be used separately or in combination to provide maximum improvement to the appearance of your scars. Our therapies will improve the color and texture of the scar by blending the scar into the surrounding skin tissue. A consultation with one of our experts will help to determine the best treatment for you.


  • Advanced therapy for stimulating collagen generation, decreasing and softening scar tissue and improving redness or pigmentation
  • Broad Band Light (BBL) improves color, tone and texture
  • Profractional resurfacing improves texture by remodeling deeper collage


  • Stimulates collagen generation for improved texture
  • Improves surgical and acne scar

Silicone Gel

  • Topical dressing which provides an ideal amount of moisture and oxygen exposure for healing
  • Ideal for post-operative scars
  • Purchase in our office or online through our partners at Contemporary Design™

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