These Words From Our Patient Say It All

  • By Kacie
  • Published August 24, 2015
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Find out about Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Pittsburgh from a patient’s post-surgery perspective.  Her letter says it better than we ever could.

The following was taken from a letter received by Dr. Marc D. Liang and our office staff in late September.

Dear Dr. Liang,

I sincerely want to thank you for your perfectionism in making me feel, and look so youthful. You are truly an expert in your field both personally and professionally. I am becoming less insecure about my self-image with each passing day. You went above and beyond my expectations, and words cannot express my appreciation for your generosity in the fees associated with your amazing work.

I would highly recommend you to anyone considering any form of reconstructive surgery. IN my opinion, your expertise far exceeds that of those in your professional field. Should I choose to have any form of cosmetic procedures in the future, you are the only physician I will ever consider.

Thank you is not enough to convey my gratitude.